Cash for cars in Hazelwood Indiana

Please give us a call and we will come out to you and buy your junk car for cold hard cash!

Anytime day or night all year long feel free to have us come get your call!  Even on Sunday! If you have a car for sale

They neighborhood junkyard dog Archer!

They neighborhood junkyard dog Archer!

Sell your car now before the price of scrap metal goes down. Who knows when it will go back up again so please don’t hesitate. If you live in Hazelwood Indiana we will offer cash for your car. Cash for cars all over Indiana, we will still buy junk cars. We have been buying junk cars for over 30 years, and we wont stop now.

Tips for selling your vehicle:

1. Make sure you get everything out of it you don’t need! Never know when you could leave your Rolex!
2. Take off your plate! Make sure you return it to the bmv too; they give you credit
3. Leave an hour window open for us. Our driver is slow and fat both so he needs a little more time to get to you.
4. Don’t leave any other spare keys on your keychain you might need. We’ve had people need to meet us countless times because they left their house key on the keychain.
5. If you’re gonna spend all your money in one place. Spend it with us we have cars for sale too! Cash for cars all over Hazelwood Indiana

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