Junk cars for cash 317-689-8371

Junk cars for car Indianapolis is ready to come to you and buy a junk car. Mention that you say this ad and receive another $25.

We don’t like cars, but we love to junk them. Cash for junk cars Indianapolis will come to you and pay you in dollar bills for that junk car.

We guarantee that we will make the highest quote out their so call us last. After you hear our offer we will schedule a tow truck to come to you.

Just read some of our reviews and you will be impressed on how much we will give you for your car.



1. We pay cash for junk cars
2. 24 hour junk car removal
3. Cash for cars and for junk cars
4. We love junk car removal
5. We buy junk cars
6. Junk cars for cash everyday

How long does it normally take us? At best case scenario we can be there within 5-10 minutes, if you got in a wreck or the city is trying to tow it let us know! Normally we ask for at least an hour to arrive. Sometimes it may take longer but the first step is to call and schedule it. 317-689-8371.

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